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Dog leashes,toys,&more
Custom products too!!
About Me

About us

We make handmade dog leashes, dog toys, and other dog products in upstate New York from NEW, high-quality American-made

climbing rope and nautical rope and paracord. Our products have been extensively

tested and dog approved! AND all our leashes

are backed by a full, lifetime warranty, no questions asked.  

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More information about our products

 Our leashes are available in 20 different colors. Smaller widths are good for small- to medium-sized dogs. Larger widths are better for bigger dogs

Rope leashes are usually 4 and 6 feet long. Traffic, slip leads, and double leashes are available too. Or let us know if you would like a custom size or color. We would be more than happy to help!!

All these leashes above are all 6 feet long. They are constructed of 7/16" or 1/2", new, USA made climbing , and nautical rope. They are appropriate for medium to large-sized dogs. Each leash can have either a carabiner or snap hook attachment. The leashes are available as either snap hooks attachments, or slip leads. We are also very willing to send more pictures of a particular leash. Please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page, if you need more information, need a shorter/ longer leash, or to purchase a leash. The price is $25.00 for each 6 foot leash, plus shipping. Colors may vary due to the monitor.

Available leashes for medium to large dogs

Additional colors and hardware above

Our leashes are made with brass or nickel-plated swivel hooks. For larger dogs, we use heavy- duty 12kn screw-gate carabiners. All our leashes come with a matching metal O ring poop bag holder.


MOST IMPORTANTLY, our leashes are built to last!!!! 

Available leashes for small to medium dogs

IMG_0506 3.jpg

Paracord traffic leashes

IMG_0520 3.jpg
IMG_0530 4.jpg

Additional colors and hardware above

The picture above is of 2-foot long traffic leashes constructed out of new, USA made paracord. These short leashes are very helpful in high traffic situations. It is ideal for small to medium sized dogs. Each 2-foot long leash is $12.00 plus shipping.
Please contact us if you would like this leash in a different color or length from what is listed. We would be more than happy to work with you!!

Larger traffic leashes

These leashes are 6 feet long. They are constructed with 3/8" new, USA made, nautical rope, and climbing rope. They are appropriate for small to medium-sized dogs. The purple leash in the top row is a slip lead while the red leash has snap hook attachment. Any leash can be made in either way, and with silver or brass hardware.We are also very willing to send more pictures of a particular leash. The price for a 6-foot leash is $23.00 plus shipping. Please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page, if you need more information, want a shorter/longer leash, or would to purchase a leash. Colors may vary due to the monitor.  

These leashes are made of the same quality nautical, and climbing rope as used in our regular leashes. BUT, they have two handles!! One handle is only 24" up from the collar attachment. The other handle is in its traditional place. In this way, it is very easy to control a dog in high traffic situations. These leashes are available in all the rope colors listed on the other side of the page. And they came in 3/8" to 1/2" rope, depending on the size of the dog and are 6 feet long. Please contact me for more information, and pricing on these special leashes. 

IMG_0533 3.jpg

Our dog toys are made from the same high-quality rope and paracord as our leashes.  

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And a portion of our products are donated to rescue organizations.

Some great groups include:

Northeast Pyrenees Rescue Team


German Shepherd Rescue of NY, Inc.

The Knotty Dog pack and a sample of

some our leashes in action:


If you have any questions, would like to purchase a leash, or would like us to create a custom product, please feel free to contact us using the handy form below:

Special thanks to our friends at and !!!!

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